Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


My first baby just turned 4! It is hard to believe he was this little practically yesterday! Caedmon is determined (stubborn) and opinionated, and he thrives on routine. He loves his siblings and doesn't want either of them to miss out on any special treats. It is fun that he is old enough to play simple games with now. He likes to help with all the chores: dishes, laundry, cleaning. He is very good at playing by himself, and he has always been a wonderful eater! Next to tackling with Dad I would say his favorite thing to do is have books read to him. Maybe he'll learn to read this year! He got to be a ring bearer for Aunt Martie and Uncle Rusty's wedding in June! Aunt Sarah made the outfit, of course!
The traditional birthday waffles and tea.

Now that he is four, he thinks he is big stuff! The first thing he said to me on his birthday was, "Now I can crack the eggs!" So for his big party he got to crack the eggs! He also has to leave his blanket in his room now and use the bathroom without ANY help, too. So big!

We invited some friends over, but most of them were sick and couldn't come. Grandpa and Grandma came and some friends from church. We had a great night, but then after Caedmon went to bed, he threw up the rest of the night! Of course we gave all our guests the stomach flu as well. I hope he is not always sick on his birthday every year! Happy Birthday, Caedmon! It is so fun to watch you grow!