Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More of the same

This week was much like the previous weeks. I like pictures to capture our doings. We slept.
Splashed at the splash park. (Some of us. Some of us were kind of timid and others of us preferred to read books; but at least one of us got really wet!)

We built things.

Blew some bubbles, of course.

Did the chores. . .


Looked cute.

Hiked some more!
It was a great week! The highlight for me was definitely checking out a new church. New Hope Christian Church is farther from our house than we were hoping to drive, so we were hoping to cross it off our list. Instead-we loved it! The plan now is to continue looking at a few more local churches, but know that we have one we're excited about. God reminded me that HE KNOWS what we need and long for. He showed us a church where peoples' faiths are real and alive, they love God and they love each other! My favorite part was their worship style. They have a contemporary band sing new choruses, then in a different part of the service they bring out the organ and piano and play a hymn medley! I think that would be the perfect compromise for many churches! We'll see.
The boys are growing. Jonas is saying tons of words now, which kind of alarms Jason and I when we're not expecting it. You ask Caedmon where something is and Jonas answers, "I don't know." Caed is growing in wisdom, stature, and in favor with his brother. :-) We are very proud he's learning to share things BEFORE a fit and spanking. He is big enough to reason with which is refreshing! He often sees something Jonas has that he wants, and says, "When Jonas is done playing with it then I can have it, ok?" YES some of our parenting is paying off!

Well that is enough musings of a bored housewife I suppose. Have a wonderful week because He lives!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


We had a great weekend camping at a local park. There are interesting cliffs alongside a river, and nice hiking trails following the river. We are happy to live so close to a pretty getaway!

Caedmon did well using the wilderness restroom, and Jonas kept mimicking him, although I am trying to NOT start potty training anytime soon!
Poor Jonas looked like a neglected orphan after camping. There ARE mosquitos in Wisconsin! We did try to DEET them up, but their faces still took a beating. Stay away from my babies!!! It is a catch 22 though as you know, you spray them up and clothe them well, but you don't want to mess with DEET in the eyes, and you all stink and stick to the sleeping bags when you go to bed. Why do we love camping?

Because of the campfire! This was a happy little group until some one year-old whose name will go unmentioned burned Jason with his fire stick. After that the pyromaniac minimum age lifted to 2 years old. Yes, it was Jason's idea to start the manly fire-poking.

In other news, I am LOVING all the fresh produce that accompanies Jason's parents when they stop through here. I now have 1 day-old potatoes, sweet onions, beets, green peppers, carrots, green beans, sugar snap peas, lettuce, and sweet peas. I am giddy with the possibilities for dinners this week! My family will be green yet! We'll see if Jonas still avoids vegetables like the plague if that's all he gets served for a month!
God did something cool for us this week. I was fuming angry at an overdue charge for materials I had returned, totaling $75. Before I could call them, I prayed that I would respond in a way honoring to Christ. Sure enough, Jason came home and said they had called him and it was a mistake. YES!
Have a great week, everyone. Enjoy these last few minutes of summer! Then comes fall, and I believe I now live in a state MADE for fall colors! I can't wait!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hello friends! I am brand new at this blogging thing, but am excited to join the trend. First of all, I look forward to showing off the beautiful boys God has entrusted to us! Secondly I am looking forward to having a semi-public venue to journal all God has been teaching me. It seems facebook statuses are not sufficient to keep close friends and family up to date on what truly is going on in our lives.

That being said I labeled this thing Contentment. That certainly is a lesson I am in the midst of learning! I have been convicted reading how the Israelites griped and complained about the manna they HAD to eat, all the while coveting what they used to have in Egypt. I will not look back and think of what could be. God has planted me here in WI and I will be so thankful for another breath!

Now the family update I guess. Am I doing this right? :-) This week we went up to Jason's old hometown to watch his sister run a marathon. It was fun to take the boys to Lake Superior. I think a bathtub would be just as much fun if you get to throw rocks in it.

We also went swimming and enjoyed ice cream cones.

Finally, we had a sad night last night when Jonas slept in a toddler bed for the first time. He loved it! He was way ready and I'm sure it will be more convenient for me, but I hate to lose my baby!

Ok, so obviously I don't know how to move pictures under their appropriate headings yet. Anybody have a hint?