Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Christmas Weekend

Christmas in Carney is always a fun time! I just love warm family traditions! A few highlights from going to see Jason's family include:

-ice skating up and down the creek! (Caed is getting some skating legs!)
-watching the boys follow the bigger girl cousins around
-cherry pie and ALL the huge platters of cookies!
-Elsie in her dress
-prayer time for the whole family
-the joy of children opening presents
-small meaningful conversations with individuals I love
-preaching on the prophecies of Christ from Isaiah
-watching the adult men spend hours playing legos
-being packed together in a small cabin sharing joy
-communion as an extended family at Christmas day service
-but of course, the highlight was Jonas' answer at the Moravian candlelight service during the children's sermon. The leader asked if anyone knew what frankincense was. Jonas piped up VERY loudly, "That's what they put on DEAD BODIES so they don't get STINKY!" That's my son!