Friday, November 25, 2011

Caedmon catch-up

Caedmon learned some new skills this summer. He enjoyed many more board games including Guess Who, Monopoly Jr. and more complex puzzles. He was very proud to learn to ride a 2-wheeler! He became very independent and agile! I enjoyed not pulling his 45 pounds in the trailer!

And, of course, he now picks out all his own clothes. Clearly.


I'm back! I think I can handle blogging once every 6 months. :-) In this season of Thanksgiving, I was reflecting on one of the tangible health blessings God has given us. It has been 2 years since Jonas was hospitalized twice for severe croup. We continue to deal with this problem almost monthly, but he has not had to be readmitted to the hospital since!

This last bout has been about 2 1/2 weeks of sleepless nights so far. Yet I praise God that my Jonas is still with us. You get such clarity of God's provision at 2 AM calming your child. You feel such heartfelt thanks for the health you usually enjoy. You are blessed by God's amazing strength to face the next day after a long night. You have powerful empathy for those who deal with chronic pain or illness. And you realize how fiercely you love your children. It is all grace.

We are thankful! Jonas has been an absolute delight in our lives and we couldn't ask for a more fun child!
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