Saturday, January 15, 2011


(Just a picture of my enchanting backyard)
The new year begins and I reflect: what are some goals to strive for, goals God desires in my life, goals to prioritize my time?

I would like to be gentler with my kids.

I would like to get back in shape.

I would like to be more bold in witnessing, not just in acts of love and friendship, but in direct words.

I would like to be less selfish with my time.

I would like to invest more and more in my marriage.

I would like to pray for my children every day.

I would like to continue memorizing Scripture.

Noble goals. Yet I realize I am completely powerless without Christ. Simply put, I resolve to follow Jesus wherever He takes me and I will then bring more glory to Himself through any circumstances in 2011.


My darling Elsie is growing up. She's not in a hurry to sit up or crawl anywhere, which is fine with me! She is content to look pretty and giggle at anything that walks by. She is still a wonderful sleeper and absolutely delights everyone in the house! The brothers are helpful to tell her when to say 'excuse me', to not talk back to Mom, keep her eyes open during the prayer, or cry when she's not content. She is a sweetheart and her main nicknames are Baby Doll and Little Thing.


Yes, this is a post displaying outfits! My Elsie in HER shirt from good friend Sharla. I will be sad when she outgrows it! Elsie got her first shades for Christmas from good friend Miss Sarah. We are all about accessories!
Elsie roots for her ma and pa's team now, thanks to Grandma! Go Trojans!

Aunt Sarah made the kids matching Kansas wheat overalls this Christmas. Happy Kansas Day in a week!
This outfit Sarah made when I was pregnant with Caedmon. She said it was green in case he was a boy :-), but all that lace looks perfect on little Els! Her first wrap-around dress!

Very excited it fits her for the Packers' post season games! We are from Wisconsin now, so we wear green on such days.


Niece Anna and her boyfriend Zak came for my birthday to watch the kids so we could go out! It was sooo nice! They wore them out in the snow and read them many many books! We enjoyed a quiet date, then a fun movie with them! Thank you Anna and Zak!!!

Christmas 2010

Once again, I am hopelessly behind in blogging! The easy way out is to try to tell the stories with pictures. We had a great Christmas at home! J's folks came for a few days, but these pics are before they got here. We had our annual Christmas Eve sleepover under the tree. MY spot was right by the fire-lucky ducky! We painted homemade ornaments!
Reading Luke 2 (yes, Elsie had to have a bow to match her red pj's on Christmas!)

Sorry the picture is flipped, but when you're "hopelessly behind" you can't fix these things. A favorite gift from the cousins was this trampoline!

I have to add my highlight this year was our church's Christmas Eve service. The pastor's daughter sang one of the most gorgeous solos I've ever gotten to hear, O Holy Night. Christ is still among us! Merry Christmas from us 5!

Special thanks to Chris Hauer who made our Christmas greeting card this year!!