Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kid Sayings

This post is about my funny boy Caedmon. I thought I would write some of the funny things he has done and said lately. A true baby blog post. :-)

Funny words he says that I love:

"Bible burfes"-Bible verses





Funny things he has done recently:

When Caedmon is scared, he says he is "scary." Love it! He nods emphatically while on the phone and calls Jason a "silly boy." When he has to go potty, he brings whatever toys and books he's attached to at the time, and dumps them in the sink, out of Jonas' reach, for safekeeping while he does his business. Quite a shrewd lil lad.

It is hilarious to watch your kids imitate you verbatim, if also quite sobering! Caedmon has taken to playing in the sink for the sole purpose of spitting exactly like Dad does after he brushes his teeth. Mimicking me when we come inside the house, he orders Jonas, "hat, shoes, and jacket, Jonath." He also spanks his monkey and moose for getting out of bed, forgives them, and gives them another chance.

Jonas is also picking up life. I caught him dipping his cornbread into his water, as he's seen me eat my cornbread in milk with a spoon. He also has taken to grunting when he picks something up that he thinks is supposed to be heavy even if it is not. The other day he had a cheese stick in both hands, I asked him to share one with Caedmon. You can guess-he gave Caedmon the slobbery, bite-marks, drooping one and kept the whole one for himself. Way to share, Short Stack!

I am very blessed, though. I love my job of introducing them to Jesus. Caedmon remembers to pray for people I had long since forgotten about. And he is a sponge for Bible verses and stories. Although he is obsessed with the snake in the garden of Eden-hmmm. In talking about what sounds the letters make lately, Caedmon associates the letters with the ABC Bible verses we covered awhile back. YES! It is music to my ears to hear his sing-songy recitation of Psalm 23 or 34 to Jonas and his trucks. To hear him singing "God is so good" loudly at the grocery store. I couldn't be prouder! Here is cuddling with Dad.

Jonas is finally lengthening out and growing about a micro-millimeter taller!
That's it. I can't imagine how badly I will boast when I'm a grandma!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Friends and everyday life

Since we are church shopping, we want to look our best. I pulled out the suitcoats Aunt Sarah made the boys last Christmas, and the fireman's hat completes the look! Jonas refused to even look at the camera so you will have to imagine him. He couldn't even stay awake through the Vikings game he loves so much. We won anyway.

My famous church outfit. We are still on our first round of churches. :-)

Jason has multiple church outfits, but he looks handsome in all of them. He will just have to bear the disgrace when someone at a church the 2nd time around says, "Didn't you wear that outfit last time? Do you only have one outfit? How tacky!" haha

Highlight of the week was definitely Aaron & Michelle Larsen, and Sarah & Sam Snyder visiting! It was wonderful to see their pictures of the Congo and hear their excitment for the Elikia Project in Africa. They are headed back in a few months for 2 years!
We go so far back and it was just refreshing to hang out! Between us we have so many connections! Aaron, Sam, and I of course grew up together and even went to college together. Sam's parents were my dorm parents for a few years. I accompanied Sam and Michelle's voice lessons in college, and was Michelle's roommate for 3 years. (best roomie EVER!) Aaron, Michelle, Jason, and I ran cross country in college. Then Jason whisked Aaron off to Montana for a year of adventure together. Aaron and Michelle stood in our wedding, Sam sang. Then later on Aaron and Michelle hooked up! We of course love Sam's Sarah too and look forward to the next time we can all be together!

I am reminded of the proverb 25:25 "Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land." Indeed!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Needs and Wants Met

This post is dedicated to thanking God. Yesterday we got another box in the mail from our dear adopted grandma Betty, full of things we need and never knew we wanted! God has made a pattern of this, making me aware of a need, only to decide that it's not something I should buy right now. Then it comes in the mail with love from Betty!

Betty came into our lives quite unexpectedly. We were in a small group together for a few short weeks, but after that didn't even attend the same church or live in the same town. However, we ended up living above her garage and developing the neatest relationship with her. Our boys adopted her as their Montana grandma.

"Grandee" was able to travel with us when we moved, and was invaluable in that time of transition for us and the boys. She knew their needs and schedules, and loved to spoil them! She still does!

Betty has always been a wise older woman I look up to and have learned from. She taught me cooking tricks, sewing tricks, upholstering, determination, and much more. I have not had to buy a single piece of clothing for either of my boys, due to her most generous contributions and gifts from family and friends. And I might say they look quite dashing in their attire.

This week I noticed Caedmon has grown out of all his 3T pj's and jeans, and was low on long sleeves. I was trying to decide whether to buy him some pj's or wait until they were cheap after Thanksgiving. Guess what arrived? Halloween costumes, 4T warm pj's, 4T jeans, and a couple long-sleeves, among other stuff! God is good!

I have thanked Betty again and again for being so generous with her resources. I really hope someday we can pour into a younger couple the way we have been blessed by her and so many others! Below is a picture of the newest fireman. We wear the gear night and day, rain or shine. Fires can happen anytime, you know. Thank you Betty!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


"For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities-his eternal power and divine nature-have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made. . ." Romans 1:20
I LOVE FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is "our" hill zooming in from our yard, also the famous site of the trains we watch religiously.

This is Weston Avenue, our street. My running route!

The Wisconsin River at twilight.

My favorite lookout on one of my bike loops.

I love this town and the gorgeous colors! I don't ever remember enjoying fall this much! It is my new favorite season. The predictable changing of seasons always reminds me of God's faithfulness. Never have we missed a fall-they always come! Hope you are worshipping the creative Creator!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Psalm 23

It is obvious Caedmon needs work on his "l's" and "s's", but I love hearing him recite Scripture!