Sunday, October 18, 2009

Friends and everyday life

Since we are church shopping, we want to look our best. I pulled out the suitcoats Aunt Sarah made the boys last Christmas, and the fireman's hat completes the look! Jonas refused to even look at the camera so you will have to imagine him. He couldn't even stay awake through the Vikings game he loves so much. We won anyway.

My famous church outfit. We are still on our first round of churches. :-)

Jason has multiple church outfits, but he looks handsome in all of them. He will just have to bear the disgrace when someone at a church the 2nd time around says, "Didn't you wear that outfit last time? Do you only have one outfit? How tacky!" haha

Highlight of the week was definitely Aaron & Michelle Larsen, and Sarah & Sam Snyder visiting! It was wonderful to see their pictures of the Congo and hear their excitment for the Elikia Project in Africa. They are headed back in a few months for 2 years!
We go so far back and it was just refreshing to hang out! Between us we have so many connections! Aaron, Sam, and I of course grew up together and even went to college together. Sam's parents were my dorm parents for a few years. I accompanied Sam and Michelle's voice lessons in college, and was Michelle's roommate for 3 years. (best roomie EVER!) Aaron, Michelle, Jason, and I ran cross country in college. Then Jason whisked Aaron off to Montana for a year of adventure together. Aaron and Michelle stood in our wedding, Sam sang. Then later on Aaron and Michelle hooked up! We of course love Sam's Sarah too and look forward to the next time we can all be together!

I am reminded of the proverb 25:25 "Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land." Indeed!

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  1. Oh...Pooh on you, Jonas, for not looking at the camera! He's still a cute sleeping baby, though.
    I should like to know if the short-sleeved church outfit will survive the Arctic cold of Wisconsin winters? A Cardigan, perhaps?
    Prov. 25:25...I'll have to remember that one.