Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Needs and Wants Met

This post is dedicated to thanking God. Yesterday we got another box in the mail from our dear adopted grandma Betty, full of things we need and never knew we wanted! God has made a pattern of this, making me aware of a need, only to decide that it's not something I should buy right now. Then it comes in the mail with love from Betty!

Betty came into our lives quite unexpectedly. We were in a small group together for a few short weeks, but after that didn't even attend the same church or live in the same town. However, we ended up living above her garage and developing the neatest relationship with her. Our boys adopted her as their Montana grandma.

"Grandee" was able to travel with us when we moved, and was invaluable in that time of transition for us and the boys. She knew their needs and schedules, and loved to spoil them! She still does!

Betty has always been a wise older woman I look up to and have learned from. She taught me cooking tricks, sewing tricks, upholstering, determination, and much more. I have not had to buy a single piece of clothing for either of my boys, due to her most generous contributions and gifts from family and friends. And I might say they look quite dashing in their attire.

This week I noticed Caedmon has grown out of all his 3T pj's and jeans, and was low on long sleeves. I was trying to decide whether to buy him some pj's or wait until they were cheap after Thanksgiving. Guess what arrived? Halloween costumes, 4T warm pj's, 4T jeans, and a couple long-sleeves, among other stuff! God is good!

I have thanked Betty again and again for being so generous with her resources. I really hope someday we can pour into a younger couple the way we have been blessed by her and so many others! Below is a picture of the newest fireman. We wear the gear night and day, rain or shine. Fires can happen anytime, you know. Thank you Betty!


  1. God is so good - all the time.

  2. What a blessing you all have in Betty!!
    I know she missed you all greatly and the pitter patter of those little feet.

  3.'s fireman in the FULL regalia! What a fun Halloween costume, Caedmon! Ya' look dashing!
    God is Goodness itself, and I think it's great that you plan on passing on that gratitude by giving to someone else in you're God's vehicle by which He blesses someone else's socks off.
    Thanks for the post.