Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hello friends! I am brand new at this blogging thing, but am excited to join the trend. First of all, I look forward to showing off the beautiful boys God has entrusted to us! Secondly I am looking forward to having a semi-public venue to journal all God has been teaching me. It seems facebook statuses are not sufficient to keep close friends and family up to date on what truly is going on in our lives.

That being said I labeled this thing Contentment. That certainly is a lesson I am in the midst of learning! I have been convicted reading how the Israelites griped and complained about the manna they HAD to eat, all the while coveting what they used to have in Egypt. I will not look back and think of what could be. God has planted me here in WI and I will be so thankful for another breath!

Now the family update I guess. Am I doing this right? :-) This week we went up to Jason's old hometown to watch his sister run a marathon. It was fun to take the boys to Lake Superior. I think a bathtub would be just as much fun if you get to throw rocks in it.

We also went swimming and enjoyed ice cream cones.

Finally, we had a sad night last night when Jonas slept in a toddler bed for the first time. He loved it! He was way ready and I'm sure it will be more convenient for me, but I hate to lose my baby!

Ok, so obviously I don't know how to move pictures under their appropriate headings yet. Anybody have a hint?


  1. So nice to see you on here! Thanks for starting a blog. :) As for pictures, I usually upload all the pictures first and then write in between them. You can also click on the picture and drag it where you want it to go. And my computer uploads the pictures in the opposite order, so the first one I list in uploding them is the one I want at the bottom of my page and the last one I list in uploading is the one I want at the top of my page. Hope that helps and makes sense. :) Keep posting!

  2. Thanks, Joie. That was very helpful! I'll get it yet.

  3. wow, sister, you're so trendy! good to see you on blog, it's fun to be up-to-date on your life, plus free pictures! yay! anyway, hope you figure out the picture thing. i'm looking forward to following your blog.

  4. Ummm.... I just noticed that we are slavery and Egypt. Now I know what you really think of us! Miss you guys so much! Hope that you are having a great weekend!