Monday, August 30, 2010

Daddy and Elsie

I know I have gone picture crazy lately with the new girl in our house. But I don't see an end in sight. Here is Jason with the little muffin. He is quite taken with her! Bedtime storytime. They have so much fun!
Elsie's pretty taken with him, too!

Awwwww! I'm so glad my kids have such a great dad!


  1. I'm lovin' these pictures, Beth! Three looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Storytime does look like fun. Yay for Jason - although I have to say he looks a bit fatigued. Yes, I always use the word fatigued. Hopefully Elsie will start being a little more respectful of y'alls sleepytime.

  3. Your kids do have a great dad, Beth. Even if he is narcoleptic and tuckered out and fagged. :-)

  4. ROFL Sarah I had to google fagged because I thought you did a typo. Now it's hilarious!!!!! I shall have to be less niggerdly with my own adjectives!