Friday, September 24, 2010

Tick Tock

Time, time, time. I used to have so much of it!

I know I increased my parenting duties by 50% lately by adding Elsie. Still, it is incredible to me how BUSY I seem to be! I don't know why I'm blogging about it, to complain? to ask for advice? to get empathy from others who feel so busy?!

My friend pointed out that with a newborn, 5-6 hours of your day at least are spent just nursing, burping, and changing. I sure notice those 5 hours!

I don't think 3 kids is any harder than 2 really, if you had like 30 hours in a day! I am not pulling out my hair with the chaos, I simply get to the end of the day and am unable to name one solitary thing I accomplished besides "doing the day." Are my expectations too high?

Things I would LIKE to do everyday:

-spend time with God alone (~30 min) and PRAY (any amount of time!)
-exercise (~30 min)
-make Jason's lunch (10 min)
-make breakfast for kids (10 min)
-clean up breakfast (10 min)
-Bible time with kids (30 min)
-get the kids dressed (15 min)
-shower and look presentable (would like ~30 min)
-make phone calls for appts./sisters/friends (~30 min)
-take pictures of kids (5 min)
-do "school" time with kids: crafts, cooking, puzzles, playing, etc. (30 min)
-make lunch (10 min)
-clean up lunch (10 min)
-read to kids (15 min)
-nap the kids and pick up house
-E-mail, facebook, blog, etc. (~30-60 min)
-prepare dinner (30-60 min)
-get kids out for a walk (20 min)
-clean up dinner-sweep (15 min)
-hang out with Jason/family (30-60 min)
-read by myself! (20 min)
-go to bed!

I'd also LIKE to add one or more significant "extra" to each day like:

-extra baking
-cleaning house
-sorting clothes/piles/boxes
-meeting friends for playdates
-Bible study
-having someone over for dinner
-printing pictures/baby books etc.
-serving at the church (60 min)

I am managing ok, and some days feel less guilty than others. It just seems like the minute I think I am done I remember: Elsie is hungry, the laundry just beeped, Jonas needs help putting his shoes on, I need to get meat out to thaw, Caedmon wants me to set up a lego house for him, Elsie needs to eat!, I need to look for a recipe, someone needs a new diaper, Jason's coming home soon and our house is a tornado, someone needs a bandaid, Elsie is STARVING, Elsie wants to be held, I promised Caedmon I'd play a game, I want to talk to my faraway friends, oops someone just talked back and requires immediate attention ETCETERA etcetera etcetera!

I know this is such a short phase in life and I will definitely miss this particular busyness. I love my job! I am trying to shift my focus to serving God in each pan I wash, each and every diaper I change, each disciplining moment, and to treasure the precious memories along the way. I love a challenge but it is harder to pat myself on the back for productivity anymore. haha And I even have a DISHWASHER! Does anyone else feel this way?


  1. I added up the things you're trying to do, and it's 9+ hours per day, not counting the "extras", so if you add in Elsie's 6 hours, there's no way you can get it all in! You're a supermom, Beth, and I'm in awe of you.

  2. you are not alone

    ps. I should win a prize for how many lego houses I built in a day, maybe we should come up with one and mail it back and forth to each other

  3. I feel the same way, and I only have one child! It's amazing to me how you do it with three, with such grace and good humor. You accomplish a ton every day just by taking care of them. This is probably one of the most productive times of your life, in terms of making a difference in someone else's life! I love what you said about serving God in each pan you wash and diaper you change. Such an important reminder... thank you.

  4. How many days do you actually get all these things in?? Im gonna second that supermom thing!! I wish I had the ambition or ability to strive for all those things in one day!! When you get it all down to a science, please fill me in!! Thanks! Will pray for you!

  5. Sarah-I realized I forgot to add a bunch of things, like actually "eating" those meals, plus "bedtime routine" which is at least 15 minutes!
    Dory-you're onto something, I'm sure we could come up with the coolest lego house ever if it was permanent!
    Ashley-obviously I never reach my goal. For instance, I have not worked out ONCE since Elsie was born, and I can't ever get my "fun" reading in either, if I try I fall asleep anyway. But the other goals, I'd say we get most of them 50% of the time. I just don't keep up my yard or my garage tidy or anything extra!