Monday, November 30, 2009

Another relaxing weekend away

Here are the boys watching the wild turkeys, squirrels, and birds outside Grandma and Grandpa's window.
Jason's dad's sister Aunt Lill is a big hit with the boys too. She lives across the street on their farm.

We had an early birthday party for Caedmon. He was thrilled to decorate his own cake!

Jonas got to help too. We discussed how a person should wash his hands after EACH lick before decorating some more.

On Thanksgiving we were still at home since Jason had to work on Friday. The boys played football video games.

This was this morning after all the excitement. I often make the boys play in their rooms, to teach them to play by themselves-and to give myself a break! Today after over an hour I let Caedmon out of our room, but Jonas had crashed on the floor in the boys' room. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! We also got to pick out our Christmas tree in Carney, but I left the camera behind so I don't have photos of that. I continue to be thankful for my life! It is fun!


  1. When is Caed's "Real" b-day?? I forgot...oopsie.
    I can see your new highlights with the close-up pic of you, Beth. Looks good! Do you like 'em?
    Boy, Jason, you had some pretty tough competition to play against in your football game; tell me, were you a bit nervous about winning? It happens to the best of us, really...
    Whatever happened to Mario Brothers games? My brothers ONLY have sports-related video games, and I stink at them...can't follow the ball. Go figure.
    Glad you got to have family time on Thanksgiving!

  2. Happy Early Birthday to Caedmon. Can't believe he is three. I still can picture the two of us having breakfast at the hotel in Livingston at the family retreat when we were both pregnant!
    Great talking with you, sorry I had to cut it short (long story....)