Monday, November 9, 2009


Halloween weekend was fun! My folks and Aunt Martie came up just for the weekend. They even drove all night to spend another day with us! I can't describe how nice it is to live close enough to see family so often! We didn't do anything too exciting, but we read a lot of books and I felt like I had the weekend off! Here is my mom doing all my dishes. We also got out of a lot of poopy diapers-even cloth ones! Although they don't look too thrilled, Caed and Jonas quickly got into trick or treating our friendly neighbors. They made out like bandits too! Caedmon is not really dressed up though. His vocation is, afterall, a fireman. The tiger was not too dangerous either. This was the first night he started spiking a fever before our very memorable week in the hospital. But we made him go get us some candy, anyway!
Love my sister, Aunt. The funny story behind her name now being Aunt instead of Aunt Martie comes from Caedmon. This summer in Kansas Martie came in the door and Caedmon got so excited to see her, he said, "It's Aunt...Aunt...Aunt...!!!!" but couldn't remember WHICH aunt. He has a lot of aunts. So she is just Aunt. I love my family! We have gotten to see each other four times since moving even though they're 12 hours away, like 10 times more than we're used to per year! Thank you, God!

Halloween isn't my favorite holiday, and I know Christians on both sides of the issue. But an excuse to go door to door and meet the neighbors and celebrate the beautiful fall, is worth it. Plus Grandee Betty sent the most cute costumes so we went all out. Now they have several dress-up outfits! Happy All Saints Day! :-)

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  1. A week in the hospital...what happened??? I pray all is well now. How I would love family 12 hours away!!!