Wednesday, October 20, 2010


James and Sarah and nephew John got to come for a visit. Oh what a great time we had! I really wish Sarah lived so much closer because we are good friends. We didn't do too much out of the ordinary, but enjoyed a lot of nice walks and hikes. I didn't get a good picture of James (he hides from the camera), but he ended up watching the toddlers outside for most of his vacation. THANK YOU UNCLE JAMES! Sarah practically did all my cooking for me. It was MY vacation! Here are Sarah and Elsie. They like each other. Elsie doesn't have a bow in her hair *gasp*! The best cousin shot I got from my attempts. My boys liked telling John what to do and what was fun.
He is so cute!

We hiked up our "mountain" together. Three adults and four young kids, we were proud of ourselves! The view from the top of the tower:

My little bubbies climbing rocks with Ant Sarah. She is so much fun!

Come back soon, family!


  1. Yay! Glad you guys had such a good visit. It was nice to meet some of your fam!

  2. We had such a great visit! And I did NOT do all your cooking, you made some amazing meals. I especially loved the grilled chicken and the calzones and the doughnuts. (Sorry I melted your oil bottle.) I miss you and wish we could have play dates at least once a week!