Monday, October 25, 2010

Boys' tidbits

After a long hard day, I am most thankful for laughter. These little munchkins always manage to make me smile. I recently realized that my brain is leaving me and I can't remember a cute story even by the time Jason gets home from work. So I am going to try to blog some of these happenings so I don't forget!
Today I took the kids to Burger King in the afternoon to get their wiggles out. I bought a drink and the boys were hopping around so excited to beg for part of my pop. Jonas then said in a loud voice, "But I'm not going to pee my bed tonight!!"
My folks were up for the weekend and my mom was reading while I nursed Elsie. Caedmon marched in from outside and declared: "Now. Who would like to get the green stroller out of the garage for me?!" Oooh, pick me, pick me!
We have our kids call adults Mr. and Mrs., and decided those terms of respect should apply to any adult, even celebrities and atheletes. It is hilarious to hear Caedmon and Jonas cheer for the Vikings' football players: "Go Mr. Favre! Come on Mr. Peterson!" Their favorite Christian music artist from the radio is Mr. Mac. They beg us to youtube Toby Mac's songs, then dance around with their guitars rocking out, singing the backup voices. I should post a video! Little Jonas who is about 13 inches tall sings/yells "I don't want to gain the whole world, and loothe my thoul!"
We got a neat Noah's Ark made out of popsicle sticks from Uncle Karl and Aunt Mary, and the boys love playing with it with their animals. Lately I have seen matchbox cars also make their way up the ramp into the ark. I overheard Caedmon telling the kangaroo if he said something one more time he was going to get a spanking.
Tonight at dinner I was making hash out of leftover ham. Caedmon said, "Ooo I love chicken!" I said, "It's ham." C: "Yeah, I like ham, but Jonas doesn't like it." (they are not supposed to say they don't like food that is for dinner) There is a pause, then Jonas says, "But it's not my favorite thing!...I didn't say gross."
Caedmon often asks me when he will be allowed to do certain things. I have to think hard about my answers, because he will often recite the ages I have already given him. "You can only cut with sharp knives when you're 5, so then you'll be really big. But, Jonas, when you're 4 you can crack the eggs. I can drive the tractor when I'm 12 and I can drive the go-cart when I'm 6." My favorite, "When I'm as big as Daddy I don't need help when I go poopy." I certainly hope not!
Caedmon loves to get out of taking naps or even lying down during rest time. It has been a good lesson showing him when he's crabby later in the day because he chose not to take a nap when I recommended, but didn't necessarily enforce rest time. Now his catch phrase as he's eating lunch is, "I don't think I'm going to take a nap today. I'm going to control myself!" I smile and think to myself, good luck, kid. I am STILL learning to control myself!
Tonight the boys were in the bathroom and I heard Caedmon say to Jonas, "You'd better not because maybe Mom will hear you." Obviously, I investigated. Neither of my boys have ever defaced property or had issues with pens and pencils, but Jonas had scribbled all over the bathroom door with pen. I spanked him and made him scrub it with a magic eraser. After a few minutes, I heard him gravely lament, "We ONLY write on paper. Only paper!" Lesson learned!
P.S. The pen came off the door. :-)


  1. Ha! I love these stories! Good idea to record them :0)

  2. Thanks so much for the stories! I lol'd. It was a really good "update from home." I can't imagine little baby Jonas being so grown up! Thanks for filling me in on how big they're getting!

  3. very funny! And yes, it's fine if Noah's ark has other purposes, too. I'd forgotten about making it. Ruth only writes on paper, too, when she remembers.