Thursday, November 11, 2010

Another room painted!

The boys' room was cutsey with lots of character before, but also a drab off white color. Actually, the main reason this project took priority was because the previous owners had a bunch of ugly stickers that they had half-heartedly tried to get off, which left the walls looking dirty where the stickers weren't, and half-peeled stickers in other places. (not pictured) So Mom and I painted it a fresh white when she was here, then I added a rust red on the built-ins with brown handles. The only thing left to paint is the thin strip of molding along the ceiling (brown), which is a nightmare of a painting job. So we'll see who tackles that. (No we don't let them watch TV in their room, only a movie during some Bible studies :-)

I can't help adding a cute pic of our Little Thing. (bow by Sarah!)

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