Friday, December 4, 2009


I am totally stealing Joie's tradition of going back in time to celebrate birthdays! Caedmon turned 3 yesterday, and I enjoyed finding his baby pics. Here is at Caedmon's baby shower from our church, 2 weeks before labor. Caedmon Clarence Anderson, 12/3/06, 2 weeks early, 8lbs. 4 oz, 20 1/2 in!!!!!!

He used to have dark hair, and several birthmarks.

One of my favorite pictures of all time...

Here he is 3 years big, birthday waffles and all. Thank you, God, for the most incredible 3 years with our son! Bye bye "terrible twos."


  1. Look at ALL that POPCORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What a beautiful sight. *sigh*
    And what a happy boy...nothing like a happy face!
    Enjoyed the pics. I recognize his "Caedmon nose" even as a teensy-weensy little guy.

  2. Haha- you're not stealing anything! :) it's great fun remembering the past - how you've both changed since those first days and months! Happy Birthday, Caedmon - I hope to meet you this summer (hope hope hope!). By the way, Beth- for us age 3 was harder than age 2... just in case you happen to end up with that scenario, but I hope not! :) Keep posting- I'm loving your pictures and posts!

  3. I LOVE the picture of Jason holding Caedmon - he fits so well there. You've transitioned well into being a mom. Can't wait to see you!

  4. Glad we got to be a part of the first 2.5 years! Will just have to enjoy the rest from a far! He is so grown up!