Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I am not in the mood to fight the camera right now, so I'll just write about the new addition to our family: spinach!

Caedmon has always been a wonderful eater, in quality and quantity! He prefers meat and veggies to sweets, but really likes everything.

So like most parents of 1 child, we thought we were experts. Then came Jonas to humble us, who has not up til this past week, eaten a single bite of meat or veggies, unless it was heavily disguised. He has the sweetest tooth for sugar and white carbs. His favorite thing is baked goods like scones and sweet rolls, but at any meal he will ditch the taco to eat just the tortilla, ditch the peanut butter for the bread and jelly. He has mostly survived on breads with some yogurt and cheese for protein.

I am not an overly hovering parent, and many people told me he would grow out of it if I kept offering good choices and not giving in to treats and snacks between meals.

Imagine my surprise yesterday when I made the boys PB&honey sandwiches (honey is another of J's favorites!) and myself a salad of mostly spinach. They asked for one bite, then another, then another! After finishing my salad, they wanted their own. Then for supper Jonas didn't even eat the cheese in his taco, but just PLAIN spinach! Maybe I am speaking too early, but I believe spinach is not a bad word in our family anymore! They prefer it with dressing of some kind, but even for lunch today Jonas left all his "goodies" in his salad and picked out only the spinach! If that weren't enough, the boys loved dipping asparagus in ranch dressing last night! PRAISE THE LORD!

I know that spiritual development and other areas are more or equally important as what my kids eat, but I am thrilled with this new development!

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  1. Can I ship my two out there for a few weeks......It is so hard to get them to eat veggies when mom is not real crazy about them.