Saturday, December 19, 2009


God intervened again!!! Jonas started unceasing coughing at the end of his nap yesterday, and by evening he sounded as bad as he sounded last month when he spent several days in the hospital! His breathing was labored and barky.

Of course I gave in to fear momentarily, thinking that of COURSE it would be Friday night when we would have to pay a hospital visit as opposed to Dr. visit for a prescription for steroids. It being the week before Christmas, I was panicking about FedEx letting Jason off while we stay in the hospital, since they work this weekend.

HOWEVER unlike his last croup "normal" remedies WORKED! Especially taking him out in the cold air really seemed to soothe his inflamed throat. We had extra "quick fix" breathing treatments that we were able to give him that also helped. He still woke up several times and it was a long night keeping him "under control," but we all slept at home! I am so so so thankful for this provision! Now we pray that we will be completely healthy by Christmas! It was a bizarre flare-up as we didn't even know Jonas was sick at all! Praise our Healer!


  1. I'm grateful you had everything there to help him out. Poor little bubby!
    Pray you're all healthy during November repeats for pity's sake...

  2. man beth, I can't even imagine. especially with our recent run-in with the croup. i was pacing and stressed all night. So glad the usual remedies worked for you guys. poor little jonas. Do you have a steroid inhaler for him?