Friday, January 1, 2010

Catching Up

I have not written for a long time so instead of being overwhelmed I just posted pictures that captured some of our happenings. I will post more pics of family Christmas on facebook. We did fingerpainting, trying to make pictures for people. Of course Jonas thought the paint was delicious. Jonas was sick and stayed home w/ Dad, but Caedmon and I got to go to a live nativity at a church we have our eye on. They did it right! These are the soldiers guarding Bethlehem that first Christmas. They baked fresh Bethlehem bread, and had sheep, donkeys, a camel, and sheep pens! There was even a market place and an Inn. Caedmon loved it and was so excited to find Baby Jesus! Ok, maybe he was even more excited about the camel.


They painted their own sparkly stars to hang above the manger.

We managed to squeeze in our sleepover under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve Eve. Jonas coughed until he threw up and Caedmon wet the bed so we changed all the bedding before morning. Still, sleeping as a cozy family next to the cackling fire and Christmas lights was magical!!!!

New outfits from Betty, and homemade hats that match vests from Ant Sarah. This is another baking adventure, here we were making Jesus cupcakes.

I meant to post the picture at the top here, but we had some difficulties. The snow picture is outside Jason's folks' house. What a wonderful family Christmas we had there! Everyone was reunited and we made more special memories, including Brent giving us a huge fireworks display, the annual brush bonfire, and sledding. Jodie lent me her snowshoes and my highlight was exploring the vast woods by myself in that winter wonderland! We also enjoyed great eats of course! It was a very memorable Christmas!!! Thank you, Jesus, for giving us this joy and celebration!

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  1. Amen to your last comment! There now, I feel all caught up.
    You do realize that your boys are going to get an A+ in Art Class...
    and you said you weren't creative...WHATEVER!