Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tiny fires

We started potty training today! Not my favorite chore, but the initial challenge is kind of fun. So far Monkey has learned to go potty, and Jonas has had 2 successes and 1 dirty mess. It is nice to have a warm house-we cranked up the heat for the scantily clad people.

Jonas' new cute thing is when you wake up, be it in the morning or just from a nap, he asks cheerfully, "Did you have a good nap? I'm so glad!"

Last night after Jason made a fire, Caedmon said, "Mom is a girl, so she can't make big fires. She makes tiny fires." And it's true. I am lucky to get a tiny fire going.

When we were coming back from Kansas, driving all night, we stopped for gas. Of course we wanted Caedmon to go potty while we were stopped, but he dramatically put his hands behind his head, propped up his feet, and said, "I really just need some rest right now!"

Another of my favorite tactics of Caedmon's to get Jonas to do what he wants goes like this: he asks Jonas to do a chore. When Jonas ignores him, he says, "Jonas, can you say 'yeah'?!" Often, he does say yeah! These kids keep me giggling.


  1. Jonas is not old enough to be talking!!
    Can't wait to get all the boys together hopefully in May (and of course shoot the moon with you in March).
    I am so glad you realize how fortunate you are to be so 'close' to family. I wish I was 12 hours away!!!!!!

  2. Jonas says full sentences now!?!?! Rock on, buddy!
    I'm sure you're doing great with the potty training...I hear the second-born kids are usually whizzes (no pun intended) at picking things up quicker than the firstborn.

    Sarah (second born sister in da' hood)