Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kids these days!

Caedmon cracks me up! Today when Jason came home from work after bombarding him with the usual hugs, he said, "Dad, we ate cookies today!!!" Dad said, "You DID?! What did they taste like?" Caedmon, "Sugar." Yep.

After we put the kids to bed tonight I heard Caedmon saying all sorts of "vocabulary" words for Jonas to copy. "Jonas, can you say 'truck'?" "Truck." "Jonas, can you say blanket?" "Bwanky." "Jonas, can you say suitcase?" "Suitcase." The funny part is Jonas is talking in paragraphs. Yet he still knows who's alpha male in the room and will submit-most of the time. I am waiting to hear, "Jonas, can you bow down to me?"

Jonas pulled a funny one this week too. He was too quiet, so I investigated. I found him cowering in our closet behind clothes, with his shirt pulled up, wiping Jason's deodorant all over his belly. He smelled great all day and didn't get anything but a laugh!

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