Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We're all together again!

This week was one of the best and most memorable weeks! We visited Kansas and spent the week enjoying ALL my siblings, parents, niece, and nephew! I am sooo grateful for my wonderful family and we have such a ball being together! It was especially fun to meet Baby Ruth, who doesn't say much but is so expressive and good at looking cute! My sister Martie got engaged to Rusty, so we enjoyed wedding dress shopping and celebrating together as sisters! Wedding will be sometime in May-another excuse to go back to Kansas! My mom and sister Sarah cooked us such yummy food, and we played lots of board games. Puerto Rico was the new favorite. This was my kind of vacation!

The cousins passed around a nasty cold complete with eye infection, fever, and a relentless cough and congestion at night. But, I praise God that we didn't have any serious respiratory issues with Jonas! We are all on the mend.

These are just some homemade donuts that I had to take a picture of-they were soooo good!!!
Caedmon in the snow.

Jonas and Ruth looking at the dog out the window.

Jonas and John.

Sweet Ruth at the mall.

I posted a lot more pictures on facebook. Unfortunately when we took the Samuelson group picture, my camera was not used. So I will have to wait for siblings to post it and steal it. What a great time we had though, and it was sad to think of how many years it might be before we're all together again.

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