Monday, February 1, 2010


Finally, a family picture posted by Mary that I can steal and blog about! Elaine is not yet part of our family, and the picture is also missing two other significant other halves, Martie's Rusty and Abby's Fritz, but at least all the biological sibs made it! Sad to think when we'll next all be together-with more kids! That's right, Mary's baby is due end of June, and we are expecting a new member around August 17th! During our Kansas reunion it seemed I was showing so early so everyone joked that it must be twins. We found out today it isn't. Which is a good thing since they had proceeded to name the twin girls Mischka and Rainbow. (I'm sorry this techy-challenged mom couldn't rotate the pic!)

This picture also features the sisterhood of the traveling maternity pants-which have been through 2 of my pregnancies, Sarah's 1, and Mary's 2! They are headed to Africa, but I got to wear them for a few hours! :-)

What a joy to be anticipating another baby! I looooove babies! My husband is enjoying the kids we have, but he never thought he would have a large family. I am very happy God is giving us 3!!!

It is fun to speculate what sex this one might be. Of course we wanted our 2 boys, but in Jason's words, another boy just sounds "boring!" I would be inclined to say another boy just sounds like a lot of chaos! So we both would love to meet a little girly girl this time around.
A lot of things are different this time around. I have been a lot sicker, fatter, and uglier! My skin has broken out a lot more, and my belly is bigger and wider. But I know not to count my chickens or hens before they're hatched. ;-) Another new thing, we have never liked our girls' names in the past and now we love our girl name and can't agree on any boy's names! We will just have to see. I promise not to blog about every little detail of pregnancy after this though!


  1. The Sam fam looks grand. And congrats on the one in the oven!

  2. I just keep smiling when i see your pregnancy pictures... I'm so happy for you both!
    What's this?? No twins? No little Rainbow Anderson? Sigh.
    Are you going to find out the gender of the wee babe before he/she is born? Hmmm. you're not going to tell if you do find out, are you? Grrrr.

  3. 3 boys is anything but boring and tons and tons of CHAOS!!!!!Loud Chaos.

  4. Just so you know, the name thing is no indicator, we had an easier time with girl names than boys too and ended up picking between 5 choices in the delivery room.

  5. Bummer, Sarah! We've never liked our girl names until now. But I know it doesn't actually mean anything. I suspect we will be picking from a list too if it is a he. Our list is long but not well loved.