Thursday, February 11, 2010

Like a child

When I shut the curtains for Jonas' nap, Caedmon said, "Jesus loves you so you don't need a light, Jonas."

While driving in the car Caedmon's carseat was in the blaring sun. He started coughing, then remarked, "Sometimes when it's bright, you cough."

Today Caedmon prayed before lunch, "Thank you for my GOOD family!"

Caedmon says most of the funny things these days, but I am really appreciating the stage Jonas is in right now! He is so enthusiastic about life. Caedmon's 3 year wisdom has made him a bit cynical and "bored" with life at times, but Jonas is still eager about anything new!

For example, in the morning we usually do some Bible activities. Often Caedmon refuses to sing all the fun kid songs, but that doesn't hinder Jonas. He belts them out loudly and is not too cool to do all the motions! When he disobeys, one spanking is sufficient to get the point across.

Jonas is also not shy about loving on people! Caedmon loves us, but it is completely on his terms now. You can't just ask him for hugs anymore. Jonas, on the other hand, will always play our silly baby games, shout "I love you too!!!!!", and dash into our arms to cuddle.

It is kind of sad to watch your innocent kids grow up and become independent. Even at 3, Caedmon is still innocently precious in many ways, and I wonder how much more stubborn I am to my heavenly Father. Crossing my hands over my chest, saying, "you can't make me unless I feel like it."

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