Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Name them one by one

Feeling thankful! The last couple of weeks I have been in a rut, you know the kind. My family was sick, and I was lethargic about EVERYTHING from keeping up my house, to playing with my kids, to seeking God. The results were predictable, feelings of loneliness, selfishness, discontentment.

Today I went to Moms Bible group and didn't learn anything in particular, except that I NEED female fellowship and encouragement! I felt spurred on, regained a passion to read the Word and to try my hardest to parent with all my might!

Afterwards I connected with a NEW friend Stephanie, we hit up Denny's for the free grand slam! I think we will grow to be good friends, and I was encouraged that God knows my every need and always provides!

Jason filed our taxes last night, and once again kids pay off! :-) God is sending us a bunch of money via Uncle Obama! What a relief to know we have a pad for the next year! Next year we get to claim 3 kids, but I don't think $1,000 comes close to covering Caedmon's ravenous appetite!

Did I mention we're all healthy finally?! After 2 rounds of flu-both ends, we are feeling much better! As soon as our landlord replaces our washing machine I can wash the mountains of vomit/diarrhea laundry! Will need prayers that day. ;-)

Another huge praise, Jonas is making leaps and double bounds in potty-training! He has been dry the last 2 nights, and has not had a wet nap since we started a couple weeks ago!

I made it to the 2nd trimester, and the difference is obvious! I feel much better and have twice the energy-like the textbooks promise! Our little apple can hear voices now and swallow its own pee!

I read Job today and for some reason felt compelled to thank God for how enjoyable my life is! He gives and takes away, but today he gives and gives and we are grateful!!!!!!


  1. I think if I had a stack of 50 blog posts to read and I came across this one, I'd know right away that it was yours!! Very Beth-ish sounding.
    Thanks for the encouragement. Hope Uncle Obama is still in the spirit of generosity by the time I file my taxes.

    Sarah :)

  2. Um..not sure if that's a compliment or not. Hope you have a good tax year as well. If not then rest assured you're paying for the public library I enjoy immensely!

  3. After several postings, I'm still reading your blog, aren't I?? I should think that sufficient evidence as to whether or not I was being complimentary...