Sunday, February 14, 2010

I got new glasses on Friday. Today Caedmon was staring at me and said, "Mom, your glasses are different!" I said, "Yes, they are, do you like them?" He said, "Mom, I said they look DIFFERENT."

Tonight I was putting ketchup on Caedmon's plate, and Jonas said he wanted some "dip, dip" too. Caedmon said, "Jonas, it's not dip, dip, it's kepitch!" Jonas said, "kepitch." Caedmon said, "MOM! Jonas can say kepitch now!"

Jason asked, "Is it time for dinner?" Caedmon said, "Yes, honey."

I love my life! What did I used to laugh about before these boys?!

I don't know why Caedmon starts songs so high, but I thought this was hilarious!


  1. Clearly, we have a male soprano in the making....
    Super Bowl 2011 perhaps?

  2. Thanks for sharing, Beth; I always enjoy hearing what you and your boys are up to! Caedmon is a great little singer!

  3. Just catching up...great Caedmon. My boys were trying to sing along with you!!
    Looking forward to seeing you all soon.