Monday, March 1, 2010

spring fever

I am somewhat less than inspired to write lately. Part of it is not having any cute uploaded pictures to write about. Mostly though I think I'm just lazy. But I am determined not to prove my sister right that I won't keep up a blog.

Our lives have been feeling sick, house hunting, and house hunting. It is a very overwhelming process! We have found several homes we like only to have them have major problems that outweigh their cheap prices, or they have sold out from under us. God has a house for us so we are trying to be patient. We have an excellent realtor and have enjoyed it so far. I am hoping after buying a house that Wisconsin will start to feel more like home.

The weather is finally a bit warmer, so we often take walks to go play on snowbanks. A couple days ago the boys happened upon a 20 foot long puddle of melted snow. They ran back and forth splashing for about 20 minutes until their soaked muddy snow clothes gave them frostbite. Hot chocolates all around.

Jonas' new phrases are "no yet!" in a very stern voice, meaning 'not yet', and "ogoat" for yogurt. He loves his ogoat! Caedmon has been frustrated lately that Jonas is catching up to him developmentally. He wants Jonas not to be able to say words properly, and to respond to him like he did when he was a baby. I told Caedmon when the baby comes the baby will think Caedmon is very funny and he will "waugh" for you.

Both Caed and Jonas have taken a big interest in this baby. I saw them with their monkeys stuffed up their shirts last night, and they have started playing "dolls" with their animals a lot more. They are convinced it is a brother! Their eyes got big when they got to hear the heartbeat today. They keep pulling up my shirt thinking maybe they'll be able to see it.

That's about it from our land. We are all feeling ready for spring, biking, and parks!!!

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