Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The latest

I have been a blogging slacker. Slacker, slacker, slacker! :-) The problem with blogging is once you're behind, you feel hopeless to catch up. So I will briefly bullet some details.

We took our family vacation to MT this past week. Stayed with our adopted grandma, Betty, and saw many many good old friends-turned family. I definitely felt like my cup overflowed hundreds of times, with each interaction from the past. I didn't know I needed this rejuvenation, but it was amazing!

-I got to meet 2 new babies, and 3 more babies I hadn't met! I love babies!

-Had a pinnocle reunion with my most dear competitive gal pals

-Had lots of dinners with friends we had done a lot of LIFE with and have grown spiritually close to

-Fell in love with wild west Montana all over again. I think we were crazy to move!

-Got to see everyone at church, and was so relieved to see the church is thriving after much change.

-Laughed and laughed and laughed the phone call that we bought a house!

The house thing is a big miracle. Many of you know the whole story. We had pursued buying a house just recently with the promised tax credit. Everything fell into place so fast, and the house we fell in love with seemed impossible! It was a "short sale" or preforeclosure, also known as "very long sale." Our realtor who is not a believer gave us practically no hope that the bank could approve the deal in under 30 days. Normal time frame is 4-12 months. It just doesn't happen! So 2 1/2 weeks after we made an offer, it was approved! It was inspected today and we plan to close in 2 weeks. Crazy! New house in time for new baby, what miracles! As always, please come visit us in Wisconsin, we definitely have room now!!!

In other news, we get to "view" our new little one tomorrow. Jason can't wait to find out what she is, but I am in no hurry. Sooo, after tomorrow night anyone who wants to know can beg, hound, bribe Jason. :-) Just don't tell me if you find out!

Have a great Easter! HE LIVES!!!!!!! He chose to sacrifice everything so we can live forever! I like to ponder Mary's reaction when she realized He was alive!


  1. I STILL love those great big trees....

  2. Yippee.....
    Glad I made the MT highlights.
    Glad I get to help break in the new house in less than 2 months. (So, is your realtor any closer to believing....)
    Tell Jason to please email me with what flavor. I would really love to hand deliver my gift in a gender neutral bag so you can look at it for 2 months and wonder, wonder, wonder.
    The house looks absolutely awesome!!!!
    Looks like a good size back yard!

  3. I love the house! It looks just perfect for all of you and I am so glad that you'll get to move before your newest little family member arrives. Congratulations!