Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A picture post

This is to catch up on pictures. Since our computer gliched, I haven't been able to upload pics by my own expertise. So when Jason is kind enough to do it for me, I update. :-) The product is randomness.

This represents potty training Jonas. He took to it right away and I am so thankful we are all but done! Dry nights, dry naps, only very occasional accidents! Great job little J! However, now with 2 toddlers standing to go potty, I have to clean my toilet/floor/walls multiple times a day. FUN! Since the boys have heard about the new baby coming, they are very into playing "dolls" with their animals! They all have names and are nurtured very well. I am hoping Jonas doesn't handle the new baby by the neck, but he is trying! (from L to R: Kissy bear, Benjamin, Jacob, and Lamby. :-) They are warming up by the fire, obviously.

Temperatures have been milder, so we have been taking lots of strolls to go climb snowbanks! It is so nice to have an outlet to burn lots of energy, particularly for the little people.

Caedmon has a little keyboard and I have tried about 3 times to have a mini piano lesson with him. All of us girls started when we were 3, but I will definitely not be homeschooling if it goes like the piano lessons! I'm not even sure he knows where middle "C" is yet!

This is one of my new favorite pictures. It is more of a moment in time, representing this stage in our lives. I am treasuring their adoration for their dad, Jason's willingness to have FUN with them, and the silliness that 2 little boys bring to our lives.

My sweet Jonas has such a loving temperament. Even as he is jumping the gun on the terrible twos, his disposition is still so enthusiastic and childlike. He will cuddle your socks off and melt your heart.

I couldn't believe how old Caedmon looked in this picture. Yikes! I am loving watching him learn. He absorbs so much, and you can see him meditate deeply as he processes new information. Last night the toaster set off the fire alarm for about a minute. Caedmon became obsessed with what happened, why it happened, how it happened. He has brought it up no less than 30 times since, and has dialogued about it with his toys. Love this bright kid! And that's us in a nutshell.

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