Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bible stories

Before bed each night we have gotten into the habit of telling the boys Bible stories (when we have the energy!) I am the narrator, Jason is the marinette, and all the stuffed animals are the characters.

This has led to some hilarious story-telling and acting. My personal favorite was one night when we did Noah. Thanks to Jason, there was a lot of noisy lumberjacking, banging with the hammers, and loud, explosive thunder as it started to rain. I said after they had gotten out of the ark, Noah and his family said, "Thank you, God!" for keeping them safe. Jason proceeded to slaughter the piggy bank. As funny as it was I looked at Jason with a disapproving look, wondering if the beheading was necessary.

I encourage this tradition. It amazes me what the boys retain, including minor characters (Sham, Ham, and Japith-the sons of Noah) and I often hear them retell the stories with their little people during the day.

Last night was Lazarus. This was a very hard concept for the boys to grasp! We kept getting interrupted by the boys as they wanted to embelish the story. Finally, when we were done and "Wazarus" was raised from the dead, Caedmon told his version. "One day Lazarus got really really sick. So Mary called an ambience to take him to the hospital. Wee-oooo, wee-oooo. So they took Lazarus to the hospital and went and parked the ambience."

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