Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Yes this is a picture of pictures. But it is new to our house and it is fun to see each new thing we add! These first two are in our "formal dining room" aka music room. Jason is very proud and happy to have his other babies mounted to drool over and have more accessible. It is nice to not have the cases strewn all over, but we need a solution for the big amp! If I were crafty like my sisters I would sew some cutesy (and very manly!) cover for them.
Finally, my favorite artwork! A great way to display the kids' work and be able to change them out periodically! My good friend Shannon got me this creative idea along with supplies, and my boys of course provided the featured pieces. I have stuff to make another larger hanging like this for another wall, but, one thing at a time!


  1. Oh, I love seeing how you've done your 'real' house. It looks great, especially J's babies.

  2. the art wall is awesome. glad you figured it out without me sending you a photo. Looks really good and oh so easy.