Saturday, June 5, 2010

feel the love

There sure is a lot of love going around in this family! It is very sweet.

Jonas loves to put his face up to yours and scrunch up his nose and say quietly, "I wuv you!"

When I asked Caedmon what he was going to do today, he said, "I think I'm going to hang out with my daddy." He always does that, talks about "his daddy" instead of just "dad." In the store once he was really excited to tell Jonas, "Jonas, tomorrow we're going to play with our daddy!" Like we're separated or something.

Yesterday I saw Jonas wandering back and forth as if lost. He was saying, "Where IS my Caedmon? Where is my brother? Where is my special brother Caedmon? CAEDMON!"

As I write this Jason took the boys on a home-remodeling shopping trip. I love them all but it's nice to be home alone!!! So what do I do with my free time? Blog about them. :-)

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