Tuesday, July 6, 2010


One day we decided to spray-paint the hardware in our kitchen. This is the before picture of the kitchen, with the cabinet doors already off. The handles, etc. used to be a strange blue and the cabinets were a dirty cream color.
Practical Jason said, well, while the doors are all off anyway we should decide if we want to paint! So we painted them white.

After remounting our black handles on white doors, I impulsively decided to paint the background from the sickly green to yellow. Yeah, it turned out REALLY yellow!

I like it! It is definitely not what I pictured, but I don't dislike it enough to repaint it. So our kitchen has become much brighter in color, and, I think, cheerful! None of those subdued earthtones for us! :-)

My wonderful husband repaired the worst part of our roof to try to buy us a couple years. When we do replace the roofing, we hope to replace siding, windows, and add insulation as well. So we are hoping to put off paying for all that!

This is the dead tree that had been leaning on another tree for a few days. Jason was contemplating what to do with it, when one day I watched it fall before my eyes. It was during naptime, and watching the strength and power of a falling tree made me drop to my knees thanking God that my children weren't outside playing in that very spot, where they constantly play. So this is a project in progress, Jason plans to borrow his dad's chainsaw and get us some free firewood!
We are enjoying all the work that goes into keeping this place running!

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