Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our new church

After over a year in Wausau, we finally picked a home church! We will become members as soon as possible at the Wausau Christian Missionary Alliance Church.

Probably the hardest decision in our marriage thusfar was deciding between two great churches here in WI. We kept waiting for a special call, and talked in circles about which church is best for our family, which one we can serve the best at, which one God wants us to attend. No specific answer arrived, but Jason and I are both unified that it is time to commit, instead of attending both, and time to throw ourselves completely into one.

Today we have been mourning what we're giving up at the church we didn't choose. We told our old small group, which wasn't easy. But we try to keep in perspective that we are ALL the church and the body of Christ, and our friends from that church will still be our neighborhood friends in the years to come.

Along with those feelings though we are so relieved to have chosen! Alliance is a very healthy church and we are excited to serve and worship God there. They especially excel in their music ministry. As you know music is particularly dear to both Jason and me. They are a baby-booming church, with excellent programs for our kids as they grow. The preaching is right from the Word, and the people are very friendly and welcoming. We feel very blessed! I anticipate our roots here in Wausau will grow deep very fast from this point on.

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  1. So excited that you picked WAC!! We are so excited to have you :)