Monday, July 12, 2010

Make me smile

Today I was reading my Bible in the living room, the kids were playing cars in the family room. Then I hear Caedmon, "I HAVE TO GO POOPY!" I hear him run to the bathroom, scoot the stool over, sit down. Small pause.
C, "Jonas, come in here and watch me go poopy!"
J, "No."
Small pause.
C, "Jonas, come in here please, Jonas!"
C, "Jonas, can you hear me? Come in here I want to talk to you."
J, "No, I'm playing with cars." (probably YOUR cars!)
Small pause while Caedmon thinks.
C, "JONAS! Come in here and see the toilet. It's really messy. It's a really messy toilet, Jonas!"
J, "Ok, coming!"
Pitter-patter pitter-patter, drop some cars on his way, pick them up, pitter-patter.
C, "MOM! I'm all done going poopy!!!!!! I need help!"


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