Monday, July 26, 2010

Of community, pianos, and things

Our community had an annual festival with all sorts of fun things for kids, including a concert and fireworks. The boys enjoyed hanging out with good friend Shekinah on the bleachers. Here they are vying for room in our hammock.
My baby dropped last week and I can't believe how small I look now! She is definitely hiding! I still suffer heartburn and very sore bones, but it is nice to breathe and roll over again! 3 weeks and counting!

Finally, my inlaws brought the piano they've had in storage for us! A real one! I have really enjoyed playing it, and so have the boys! Now our music room is complete!


  1. sound pretty confident. I hope you have some boy names picked out. :-)

  2. I love their hats! Hopefully we can reconnect this week.

  3. You do look smaller. So you forgot to announce, what's the piano's name? Felix wants to know.