Wednesday, February 16, 2011

catching up-again

I feel like I'm in a crisis of blogging! What is the purpose of blogs? To let family and friends keep up on pictures? Strike one. To share our day to day funnies and document family life? Strike two. To dialogue spiritual insights as I grow? Strike three. I would like to do all those things, but I simply can't keep up!

I think one big problem is all these kids I have! haha By the time I upload cute pictures of them, they are 2 months older! By the time I upload videos, they are 4 months older. By the time I sit down to share what God is teaching me, it is not as fresh in my mind, and I have discussed them with friends, or my husband and already bounced around all the conclusions.

It is not that I don't want to blog. I LOVE reading everyone else's posts, and every so often I think of a clever post myself. But I decided my blog does not have a theme and will just be random posts when I get around to it! Or at times all pictures! Oh well.

In other news:

ELSIE is 6 months old. She sits, or is a great baby-sitter as Mary would say. Caedmon and Jonas have enjoyed feeding her her first solids. She likes broccoli!

We are dealing with some whining from JONAS but are finding that reality consequences work, for the most part. For example, he was whining at the table the other day when we had friends over, so he took at nap at 11:30a.m. and skipped lunch. He is starting to enjoy doing more things for himself. He has a tender heart for people and Jesus, so far. As for academics and learning anything on purpose, this kid is a rebel! My goal is to teach him something accidentally. He is constantly making up words that Caedmon and him use in conversation. My name lately is Mumpo, Caedmon is Bopopo, and Jonas is Nafis.

CAEDMON is getting so smart! I am amazed when we work on academics what that kid can retain! He knows the geography of probably 30 countries and many states! We are learning how to sign the alphabet together-he is very proud of spelling everyone's name! He really gets the calendar and when seasons happen as well as our weekly calendar and what usually happens on what days. He recently learned to count to 100 and we are working on more math. My most proud moment recently though was when he brought Jonas and his friend Shekinah into his Thomas tent each holding a Bible, and recited Isaiah 53. He is already holding Bible studies! :-)

Update on my other love-Jason is still wonderful! I have a beautiful pink bouquet from him on my table, and we had a great Valentine's Day date! My friend Chris watched the kids and we hit up a Chipotle knock-off and watched Fireproof. We have really grown exponentially this year in our marriage. God has been very faithful to us!

I guess that's the update for the next 3 months, if I am lazy like usual.

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