Wednesday, February 16, 2011

spiritual temperature

What is God teaching me lately?

In several areas of my life I have become aware of a pretty big problem with pride. In some ways, realizing you're doing "well" in spiritual disciplines is an encouraging thing. I AM experiencing the blessings of many areas of my life going "well." However, what to do with the pride that I feel like I have it mastered, when clearly as Christians, we always have a long way to go?

I confess my pride, and subconsciously hope God doesn't have in mind to humble/humiliate me. Yet I know if He does, I deserve it! The other thing to check is my motives, am I always doing things out of a pure heart? Probably not. Even if I am doing well, I think sometimes this piety manifests itself into judging others for their shortcomings rather than loving them, which is clearly sinful.

Other tibits-our family enjoyed a relaxing weekend retreat with our mini church up north this past weekend. We had great conversations, great games, great hikes. That was special. We were challenged as a group to corporately SERVE more.

Our Sunday School is going through the trendy book "Radical" by David Platt. The main thesis is to give up the American Dream, all of it, for radical holiness and giving oneself away. We are just kind of starting it, but I look forward to lives being changed! So far we don't feel called to the mission field or to sell our house, but it is a possibility, certainly.

We finished the Jesus Bible Storybook with the boys again today. I just love the last entry of John's vision of heaven. Truly, if we all were eternity minded, life would be SO EASY! I find myself drawn to songs about heaven lately.

I am working on memorizing I Corinthians 15, but it is slow going. I am also enjoying the gospels right now and reading through Acts. Being convicted to share my faith more boldly, and am trying to reach out to other moms. I guess that's my spiritual temperature these days.

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