Wednesday, September 9, 2009

mpo na Jason

In response to acquaintances continually complaining about their significant others, I am dedicating this post to listing why I APPRECIATE and LOVE my husband!

1. He loves God. What more could I ask for?

2. He is faithful to me. He comes home every evening to spend time with us. I never wonder where he is.

3. Jason is hilarious and always lifts my spirits when I least expect it.

4. He seems to sense my fatigue and takes over with the kids.

5. He eats everything I cook, without complaint!

6. He loves music with a passion matching mine!

7. Jason is an excellent driver, obviously.

8. He puts family before TV or sports games [if needed :-)]

9. If I blurt out feelings while Jason is reading something, he will mark his place, look up, and listen so he can pay attention.

10. Back Scratches!!

11. He loves our two boys and is careful to discipline them, teach them, and play with them like a father should.

12. If I am into a hobby he will research online and buy me gifts to further that hobby and help maintain, for instance, my bike.

13. He always changes the oil and inflates the tires on our vehicles!

14. Jason doesn't spend big money on big toys (although I am sure he would like to).

15. He doesn't pick fights.

16. He is a family man I love and can trust.

Plus he is hot and rocks on the bass. I am so thankful to God for my studly husband Jason!


  1. A great is so easy to get caught up with the frustrations and miss the every day simple things that make our husbands so great!!

  2. Yay, Jason. No offense, but he was the best pick out of the possible guys you dated before. By far. I love #9. And #1. And #2, #15, #5, #14... - Mary

  3. You didn't even need to put his picture up....your description(s) sounds lovely.
    I'm glad for you that you have such a husband; God gives good gifts.
    And I can't comment without saying that a grateful heart is most becoming on women of God....