Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Have you ever cried at the Department of Motor Vehicles? That was a first for me. I had a day yesterday that I hope to not repeat anytime soon. On my 5th trip to try to get my WI license, toting 2 kids and enough toys and snacks for a weekend campout, after a good wait the very knowledgable staff informed me that without proof of my citizenship, I could not get a license. Bear in mind I couldn't care less about the license, but I have been drooling over a Wausau area library card for almost 3 months, which requires a license. It was the last straw. In my logical mind, I couldn't conceive how having an original birth certificate from Africa, a valid MT driver's license, a SS card, an expired passport, and 11 years legal driving experience wasn't enough! Apparently Wisconsin does not recognize me as an American. Haha, I can laugh about it now! I'm not sure what the next step is, but it involves a green card (which I failed to keep when I was smuggled in to the US in a drug suitcase). They were very helpful in giving me the immigration hotline though.

That was the morning. Then I broke a jar of applesauce all over the clean floors and cut my hand, the kids got into some grease and smeared it all over their new fall clothing, got two more medical bills from Montana, the boys refused to nap, and we got word that cousin Anna was in the hospital possibly with appendicitus.

All that to say, GOD IS GOOD. After my meltdown at the DMV, God gave me a strange peace and I saw "one of those bad days" in a whole new light. How privileged I am to live in a free country! What a blessing to have free libraries that I will eventually get to use. How arrogant of me to assume a library card and driver's license is my "right!" I am thankful for laughter-what a gift to get us through those compoundedly awful days. Then Jason's parents arrived with our beautiful new furniture from Jason's brother, and lots of fresh vegetables! God knew when the sun came up, that yesterday was going to be a character-building day He would faithfully see me through. I am still chosen, adopted, redeemed, and cherished by the Almighty God.

When He has purified me with fire, I shall come forth as pure gold. What a treasure! To add to that, I love my beautiful family! Here is a short photoshoot after church on Sunday.

My most handsome groom. Yep, he still does it for me!

I sure do love these boys!!!

Thanks for reading. Hope this week was strangely peaceful for you as well.


  1. Hm. Well, I can see why they thought the african birth certificate might be invalid - you certainly don't look african-american. Sorry. And I was hoping you could get your books. Guess you'll have to stick with reading the Bible til you work things out. But just imagine how difficult it might be if you actually WERE an imported good! Loved reading this. Hope you like the pics I put on fb.

  2. And the birth certificate and passport are proof of citizenship, so maybe try again like the persistent widow - making sure you show that by your birth certificate it says you were american at birth. Maybe the boys will see the place as their home away from home. Or maybe DON'T bring all the snacks/toys next time and see if that gets more attention...or call on the phone and ask what they suggest you do.

  3. I am laughing.....I sure wish I was there to have taken the boys for you or at least to help clean up the mess. Baby powder works great on clothes with grease, as does repeated layers of Dawm dish soap...yes J smeared Vasoline all over B's shirt one time.
    Isn't God amazing though how He reveals Himelf even through our tough days. Loved the pics. Amazing how much the boys look alike. Have fun seeing little Andrew soon!!

  4. Shannon you are so funny. Of course I don't care if you laugh about the DMV-laugh with me! It is a hilariously ridiculous story. Good to know about baby powder, too. I hadn't heard that helps.