Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Weekend in Carney

AND This next one is for my sisters. Doesn't he look like PeeKay? [So you want to be a boxah? I think I am too little.]

Grandpa and Jonas picking the beans and bean leaves.

The bountiful harvest-not including the potatoes, onions, beets, and radishes!

We went to see Green Bay for the first time! The boys loved the beach and they were quite cute.

Mmmm sand. My favorite. Sand in the diaper, sand in the mouth. Caedmon always took care not to get dirty. This one?-not so much.

Jason and his dad enjoying the sunshine.

Grandma and Caedmon contemplating life, love, and other mysteries. It was a great trip!


  1. This makes me smile. Uncle Ed and Aunt myrt are two of the sweetest people ever. Super jealous of all that produce and tractor ride.

  2. You called it, he is definitely a PeeKay! Thanks for all the cute pics! And I'm glad you're seeing some advantages to the move, along with all the lonely days.

  3. Love the hats!! Too cute. I see from your produce-storage-container picture that there is a lot of ice cream consumed in Carney and that the birds are being fed! The veggies look great; someone has a greener-than-green thumb.
    I can see a little bit more what it looks like when you visit Carney....enjoyed the pics.