Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tour de Wausau

I was reading in John 10 about Jesus being the Good Shepherd, and a familiar verse kind of took me by surprise. "The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep." I understand that Jesus was the unblemished Lamb, and willingly lay down His life for us, but is it true that shepherds in those days, good ones, were really expected to lay down their lives for their sheep? Did masters honestly expect that when push came to shove, if it was escape with your life, or protect my dumb herd, a good shepherd was expected to sacrifice his life? And with his dying breath know that a few sheep were unharmed? That is crazy! Are the lives of sheep more important than the life of man? Anyhow not a very useful meditation for the day, probably. :-)

Jason and I love our new chariot that attaches to our bikes! What newfound freedom! This last weekend we took a couple long bike rides with the kids, and felt like we were dating! The boys do well in back with a few snacks, and we don't have to hear them bicker! :-) What a pity that fall is very promptly upon us and getting almost too cold to ride, but come spring we will be out every day! The fall colors are becoming more vibrant daily! And crisp days are so refreshing!

I also made one friend here, Stefanie! She invited me to the farmer's market, then to the mall to let our kids play. How grateful I am for little kindnesses in this foreign land! :-) Have a great week!


  1. Looks like fun! The landscape is gorgeous...I AM jealous of those hills, though.
    Where exactly does that carrier attach to Jason's bike? I am only seeing one pole, and that can't possibly work right...can it?

  2. It is just one pole, it is really slick! Attaches to the bar thingy and is easy to transfer to another bike. I think the Burley is the way to go! Unfortunately, it's STILL hard to pedal up hills-it doesn't make that any easier. :-) I need to take more pics of the trees though, they have gotten twice as pretty!