Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Some of my favorite recent words from Caedmon are "egg-zylophone" for xylophone, "inshtruments" for instruments, "geetar" for guitar, and "pofe office" for post office. Jonas can't say his "R's" properly, and I'm sorry to say we make fun of him to hear him keep repeating things. It is so cute!

The other day I heard Jonas lament, "Mom! I have to go potty AGAIN!" Such an inconvenience when one wants to play! Welcome to my world, Jonas!

Caedmon has developed the habit of constantly reminding me what I said. He will tell me where I was when I promised him something, what I was doing, and repeat my exact words. Needless to say I don't make vague promises anymore hoping he'll forget!

He is still the boss of CaedmonandJonas. The other day Jason said, if you hear your first name, don't spank Caedmon. He's talking about racecars. So, since Caedmon isn't allowed to call us by name, he decided to name two racecars "Beth" and "Jason." It is hilarious. Beth and Jason converse and fight and race and do everything together. Jonas gets to play with Beth and Caedmon gets Jason. And they get to say "Beth" and "Jason" as loud as they want! The latest thing he has tried is to pick favorite parents. i.e."Jonas, you like Mom and I like Daddy." Jonas will consent, "I like Mom and you like Dad." I have even heard him say, "Jonas, Mom likes you and Dad likes me." Ummm, well it's true. But we have not picked favorites like Isaac and Rebekah.

I love my job! Never a dull minute.

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  1. Beth and Jason love racing together, don't they? That's a hilarious trick Caed figured out. Thanks for sharing.