Sunday, May 9, 2010

Science Getaway

My good friend Sarah came to visit from Michigan! We headed to Minneapolis to go to an International Justice Mission conference, which was excellent! Got to see Sara Groves perform and got informed about how IJM is combating all sorts of trafficking and slavery.

Jason's sister Kim housed us and watched the boys for the event. (THANK YOU KIM!) The next day we headed to the science museum. The Dead Sea Scrolls were visiting, so Sarah and Kim checked those out. I didn't think my 2 year old would appreciate the $34 to see them so we just saw all the other cool stuff! Here they built big towers with limitless blocks!
They wove me a nice wool blanket.

Some exhibits were a bit overwhelming and some dinosaurs were a bit scary, but they had a blast. I can't wait to take them when they're a little bigger too! One fun thing was musical stairs, which they stomped up and down dozens of times. But, of course, the highlight was watching the rain and boats on the river. What a fun excursion we had!

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