Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I am so thankful for my family's willingness to eat everything I cook! I have tried to have some sort of cheap healthy meal usually involving beans at least once a week. For health and budget!

I have become quite creative, making tons of soups, beans/pasta dishes, beans and rice. It is like Anne Frank lamented, "Every night it's beans! Beans and rice! Beans and bread. Beans en casserole. Beans with strings. Beans without strings!"

Now I have never made something so distasteful we haven't eaten it. We do discard leftovers occasionally though.

It is almost a game, the reaction I'll get from Jason when he comes home on bean night. He puts on his best face as if he is facing a firing squad but has decided to make the best of it.

Tonight it was split pea soup. Jason worked into the conversation, "is this stuff good for me?" as in, "is there a really good reason to try eating this?!" What I love is more often than not, he likes it and has seconds, like tonight!

Either he is extremely polite, actually likes it, or is famished. I choose to think he is pleasantly surprised by my cooking!

It is not all torture around here. I made fresh bread with dinner tonight, and almost always have cornbread available. Jonas can eat a lot of cornbread if he has to, but even he will eat beans if he is hungry enough!

I know not all husbands are not as agreeable about not getting a slab of meat with every meal. I am very thankful for my Jason, not only taking a monotonous sack lunch every day to save money, but also for NEVER criticizing food put in front of him.


  1. I can just picture his face. I love your posts, Beth.

  2. What a great husband! Yay Jason!