Friday, April 23, 2010

The Little Things

A few of my favorite things about this house:

-2 floors-I can make myself breakfast or do any chores without waking anyone up!

-coat closet (not every house has one!)

-privacy of the backyard. I could probably go naked back there. I haven't yet. But the only neighbor with a view is a single lady who works. The boys definitely use the backyard potty all day.

-dishwasher, and ice maker in the freezer

-spacious pantry!

-laundry chute "hoop" as Caedmon calls it. It is convenient and the boys LOVE it!

-2 bathrooms. can't have one too close with this pregnant mama

-the sun rises behind our trees in the backyard while I do my devotions in the family room with huge windows, and sets in the front behind our "mountain" hill reflecting on our river, about a block away!

-newborn socks. They didn't come with the house but I rediscovered how cute they are, the foot part being about 1 1/2 inches long! I got out all the neutral clothes and realized I would be SO excited to dress another little boy!

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