Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Two more days until we buy this house! God is so faithful to us! I don't know why financial blessings or BIG blessings stick out to us more than the everyday miracles, but I had to write some of the cool things that have happened throughout this process!

Our realtor, Carrie, was recommended from a guy at work, and she pursued us! She is excellent and very efficient!

Our home loan consultant is a Christian recommended to us as well. There were no problems there!

Only this house stood out in our minds. The more we looked, the more we fell in love with this one!

Cheaper houses that we pursued were never "cheaper" in the long run, and didn't have nearly the features that this one does!

The way we bought it and the bank approved our offer in 2 1/2 weeks even though it was a short sale house which usually takes months, was clear confirmation this was a gift from God!

$8,000 tax credit is such a gift, but Michelle our loaner also found an additional grant we qualified for for $4,000!

The timing on this was amazing, moving into a 3 BR before our new baby, and also moving earlier in the pregnancy instead of at 8 months like we had expected!

Within one weekend of telling our landlord we had bought a house, expecting to pay for an additional 2 months rent on our lease, they found new renters for May 1st, saving us $1150!

Moving in early summer is ideal too. Easier to get to know people who are out and about, easier to entertain neighbors grilling, etc.

We had a hitch with State Farm homeowner's insurance, they insisted we sign a contract with a roofing company (we had planned to roof it ourselves) within 60 days or we wouldn't be able to insure it. We called one other insurance company and got a quote for $100 less per year, without having to fix our roof on any time table!

After we had committed to buying it we found a firepit in the backyard! Excited!

This has been a great chance to witness to our realtor, Carrie, who doesn't believe. I am hoping we have planted a seed and will continue to pray God moves her heart to understand we serve and trust a big, benevolent God!

Lastly our parents loaned us their suburban so we can move this weekend. We feel so blessed!

I hope we use our house, God's house, for His glory. I hope we are open to having anyone stay a season with us and be able to bless others around the table sharing meals and time. So thankful!


  1. Praising God right along with you! If there's one thing I'll always remember about the Sam fam, it's their wonderful hospitality. How great that you'll get to carry that on in a new home.

  2. Had to stop by tonight to see what you're seeing right now (minus the decorations of course)!! Hope moving day went well...been praying for great weather and happy times (What?!? Moving's stressful?)!! Hope you're settling in and enjoying every nook and cranny. That last picture looks like a shot of a future baseball/soccer/basketball romp area.
    And, some nice open areas to do some planting.... :)

    Well sister-blister, hope you get a nice cup of T to wind down from all the excitement.
    See you soon!


  3. Can't wait to see it, hopefully May 26/27.
    How awesome would it be if two of your neighbors played pinochle and were up for a hand or two when I was there......
    Hope it goes well and will wait for an update sometime next week.