Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Move

No pictures, yet. But the move went well! As expected God showed up in the details!

5 strapping young men from our small group showed up with trucks, trailers, and servant's hearts! Perhaps one of the hardest jobs I've ever done was go to the new house, hold the front door open, and helplessly point where furniture and boxes should go while other people lugged enormous things into our new home. VERY humbling!

For lunch DeAnn from our small group had Subway platters delivered, and my inlaws showed up to help with fresh chocolate chip cookies and lasagna for dinner! Moving day was not hard for me! I managed to eat my normal exorbitant amount of food. Stephanie had brought a big tub of spaghetti so I still haven't had to cook!

We are mostly unpacked except for the garage of "storage" things that need to be sorted. It was great to have Jason's folks for the weekend to help with the kids, prepare meals, do small projects, etc. while I ran back and forth to the old house cleaning. In the evenings we chatted excitedly about the possibilities.

The boys are doing wonderfully! They LOVE the new backyard, the rocks, the basketball court, the stairs, their room with 5 different closet cubbies to hide in.

Jason and I are overwhelmed with all the space! We feel like we could use some more furniture and bigger artwork for the bigger walls. We are so blessed!!!! The neighbors we have met have been very nice and seem to be a close community of people.

Now we are just waiting on the final person to fill this house. I hope she is a girl since her room is bright pinkish/purple. A boy would have issues with a room like that! :-)

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